Hello, and welcome to Heartfelt Gourmet! My name is Darlene, and  I have a love of quality food, and nurturing community through eating together. Growing up, my parents always enjoyed entertaining people in their home. I have carried on this tradition as well,  preparing food I hope friends will not only enjoy, but will associate with memories of spending time around the table.

My Grandmother played a large part in my love for Italian food, as she and my Grandfather were from the South of Italy.  She made almost everything from scratch, with the exception of fruit cocktail that came from a can, and custard for dessert. I was fortunate to spend several years in Italy growing up, and especially enjoy Italian food, American comfort foods, and French cuisine as well.

In September, I started my own small business as a personal chef and began catering small events. During the holidays, I focused on making one dessert per week, took orders for it, and delivered the treat on Friday.  Even though it was crazy and exhausting, since it was during the busiest time of the year, I found it to be rewarding on so many levels. The part I enjoyed most was being able to connect with friends I had lost touch with. When I delivered the food, many times I was invited in to catch up and reconnect. I believe food is a very personal way to convey that you care about someone, and I put a lot of my heart into the meals I prepare.


In some cases, during the holidays, I was able to gift meals or desserts to people who were having a difficult time.  The act of  preparing a meal or dessert for someone who really needed it added further purpose and value to this venture.

As a personal chef, my goal is to prepare delicious, healthy food for you and your family and or friends to enjoy. With my services, you will save countless hours preparing menus, grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning up afterwards. Simply leave those things up to me! For more information, see the “about” section of this site.