Gourmet Nutrition continued…


In my last post, I promised to go into more detail about the meaning of gourmet nutrition. So, I opened the article, and was going to write a summary on the criteria food should have to be considered healthy and gourmet. I decided, however that instead of writing my own summary, which may end up being a plagiarized version of the article, I would insert the link, in case you would like to read it on your own. It is a very good read, however it is also a bit lengthy. So, here it is. https://www.precisionnutrition.com/when-gourmet-meets-nutrition.

If you read the article, the author gives a lot of very tangible ways to eat well without sacrificing taste and enjoyment. As I plan menus for this new year, my hope is to offer plenty of variety using the best ingredients.

My theory on why resolutions often fail is because they are often times too rigid, and don’t allow one to enjoy the occasional splurge. My hope is that Friday night dinners can be a combination of balanced eating, with a little treat every now and then. I definitely have goals this year of losing weight, and becoming more active. Knowing how I am wired, I need to have a reward system built into my plan. The occasional piece of tiramisu, for example will not throw me off completely. It’s just a little “pick you up,” which is what the name entails. ¬†Everything in moderation, right?

I am dreaming up my first menu for February, and while I think I have chosen something, suggestions are always welcome! I look forward to experiencing heartfelt connections with you through food and community in the coming year!




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