All Things Italian!


Life can be funny sometimes.  It’s interesting how you may set out in one direction, only to go in another.  Or, you may go in two different ones.

I haven’t been too active in promoting my personal chef business, mainly because I have had chronic pain in my heel due to plantar fasciitis. I know it sounds like a minor thing, however, it is so painful just to stand on it, and do the things I need to do on a regular basis, and the thought of standing up for several hours a day cooking and cleaning for clients in addition to my family feels out of reach until I can get the pain taken care of.

I have taken on one client, however, and I enjoy cooking for her every other Saturday. My Mom lives an hour north of me, and since my Dad passed away three years ago, she hasn’t much felt like cooking for herself. She has very simple taste, so I don’t have to do a lot to keep her happy. I just cook up a meal on the stove, and one in the crock pot for her, so she will have meals to eat right away, and some to freeze.

For now, that has been enough to keep me busy on the cooking front, however, I do look forward to being more active with my business, once my heel gets better.

For now, I have started teaching Italian lessons as another way to keep busy. So far, I have three students that I am teaching privately, and I am hoping to start up group classes for both beginner and intermediate students. I love being able to teach this beautiful language, and for now it is a wonderful way to stay engaged without being on my feet!

I have a couple of auctions coming up in the spring, and I will be donating some European gourmet cookies, so I will be doing practice runs on those soon, and posting more photos, but for now, I am taking it easy, and cooling my heels 🙂


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