Do you only do Italian? Mostly, yes. I believe in doing what you know and love. I would rather be good at a few things thank mediocre at lots of things. Since I have Italian roots, and spent part of my life in Italy absorbing the culture, and learning to appreciate the food, I want to replicate what I know. If you are looking for an authentic Italian dining experience, look no further. 

What kind of events do you cater? Since I have started my business, I have catered  intimate family gatherings , Wine pairings with appetizers at local wineries, graduation parties and rehearsal dinners. I also love teaching classes on how to make handmade pasta, both for adults and children. Colored pasta is my favorite, as it is both beautiful and healthy, and so much fun to make! Even chocolate pasta for dessert is a possibility!



What is the maximum number of people you will cater to? I prefer to cater small events for up to 20 people, however, I am able to consider larger groups on a case to case basis. 

Where do you prepare the meals? I prefer to cook food at the venue where it will be eaten, to ensure that it will be fresh and hot. If that is not ideal for your event, I can also prepare the food at a commercially licensed kitchen, and simply bring it to you.

What do you charge for your services? There are many factors to consider when it comes to cost, such as what the menu will be, if there are special dietary restrictions, and other things. It is best to discuss those things during the planning process. Once I know what will be involved, I can give a better idea of prices.