Nutella cookies


“Cooking and community are truly Darlene’s passions. It’s not only about creating beautiful meals, but about bringing people together. Everything is prepared with artistry and a high quality standard, but more important, she makes everything with love.”

Amy M.- Mt. Vernon, WA.

“I have had the fortune of tasting some of the creations from Heartfelt Gourmet. The taste and presentation are always breathtaking.”

Gorio B. – Ravenna, WA.

“Tasteful presentation as well as super good food. Darlene watches all details so you can relax and enjoy your event. Excellent work.”

Elaine K. – Shoreline, WA.


“Every night we ask each member to say their favorite part of the day or something that they were thankful for, well this year on Christmas Eve, the one thing that all 5 of us had in common, was the lasagna you made for us for dinner. I cannot tell you the last time all 5 of us were happy with what was made for dinner. This was the best lasagna we have ever had. I told my husband that I should have had you cooking for us for the last 10 years. Initially, my 6 year old looked at it and said , “ Mom, I don’t think that I am that hungry for dinner.” I told her what it was and that is was what was for Christmas Eve dinner and she needed to try it at least. So once she worked up the courage, she wouldn’t stop shoveling it in her mouth all the while somehow professing how amazing it was. She wants to make sure that she gets to eat it when she gets older and grows up.

The Russian Tea Cakes were so yummy! They bring back memories of making Christmas cookies with my mom as a kid.

I am so thrilled that you are turning what you love and who you are into a business. I could feel the care and love that the food was made with. Thank you so much for saving our Christmas Eve dinner.

Stephanie Wolfe